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Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP Website is one of the latest and newest technologies when it comes to building and optimizing the loading of web pages, especially on mobile devices. It was a technology developed by Google in October 2015. The purpose of Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP is to make the web pages load faster on mobile devices. The statistics for Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP say that there are more than 862,000 million domains that are making use of this technology and which comprises of about 1.7 billion AMP pages currently and there are about 35 million new pages, which are getting added every day.

Our company has been designing and developing stunning using AMP Website technology that helps you in increasing the number of conversions for your business and thus further ensuring that your business goals are met. With our AMP solutions, you can see new customers visiting your website while sustaining the existing customer relationships as well as achieving online marketing goals.

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